Workshop Mate
Beat the Book with Workshop Mate ... the complete workstation!

Every workshop Manager or owner struggles to balance actual job times and the recommended book times against what he has quoted to the customer.

Driving the workshop technicians to work faster has its offsets – the risk of poor quality work that results in a disgruntled customer or workshop accidents that are costly with lost time and compensation.

Retraining technicians is mostly long winded, timely and costly. The long term results are excellent but the majority of workshops haven’t got the time or funding to wait for a result.

The 2016 model is:

  • taller and wider than the previous model – with a larger bed for easier use
  • has more tooling – 57 specialised pieces to fit Australian model cars
  • new feature – the only press with a hanger to press wheel bearings in rear hubs without disassembling the brakes (patent pending exclusive to Workshop Mate)
  • Still the only press with free undercar porta power, oil filter crusher and 4 swivel castors with brakes

Improvements in workshop equipment are the most beneficial and time-wise method of improving workshop output and efficiency.

ACV Auto Tools has supplied the Workshop Mate throughout Australia and New Zealand since 2008 with resounding success. The press is so reliable and easy to use that any supervisor, mechanic or apprentice can be quickly and efficiently trained in its

An immediate reduction in times for spring, shock absorber, front and rear wheel bearings, gearbox and axle bearings, suspension bush replacement and general pressing jobs is experienced by every workshop that installs the apparatus. This reduction has an instant effect on overall job times and final charge out rates.

The low capital cost of the Workshop Mate is more than offset by the immediate reduction in job times and the adoption of competitive, safe and efficient workshop practices.

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