Rear Hub Hanging Bracket (Patent pending)

Cut the labour time for rear hub work! This rear hub hanging bracket allows you to change the wheel bearing without
disassembling the brakes. This is the only accessory available for an undercar press that allows you to do this work.

Rear Axle Bearing Puller

The rear axle bearing puller is a specialised accessory for work with the huge number of 4x4s on our roads today. The puller suits most models of car.

Set of Hardened Undercar Press Dies

This set of 18 hardened dies are designed to last. They are designed to be used with the Workshop Mate and the specialised
undercar porta power tool.

Horseshoe’s for Larger Springs

These horseshoes are each sold as a pair and are available in a 7” set and an 8” set.

6” Short Ram

The 6” short ram is designed to be used for undercar porta power.

Set of Rams – sold separately

Each of the rams are sold separately. There is a 20 tonne and 30 tonne ram for the Workshop Mate and a 10 tonne ram available for the spring compressor.